This page contains BCPA Membership related forms and links to online membership application/renewals/payments for the 2017-18 season.

We hope you have enjoyed the programs and services the BCPA provides. We also hope that you will renew your membership to continue supporting the activities that have made the BCPA one of the most respected and progressive piping, drumming and pipe band associations in the world.

Important elements of the BCPA 2017-18 Membership Application-Renewal Form

We would like to remind members of the number of significant changes to the BCPA Membership Application/Renewal Form introduced a few years ago.

  • New Criteria for Active and Associate Membership
    • Based on legal advice from BCPA’s Honorary Legal Counsel, the criteria for Active and Associate Membership on the membership form has been revised to more accurately interpret and reflect the criteria for Active and Associate Memberships defined in the BCPA Bylaws.We encourage all adults applying for or renewing their BCPA memberships to examine the new criteria closely, determine the most appropriate category for your situation, and provide supporting information where required.
  • Return of the Instructor field
    • To assist the Association with programs for instructors, we have reintroduced a field to the membership form for members to identify their piping and drumming instructor(s). This applies to individuals and bands.Please complete this field so we can identify current instructors across our region and provide them with information and programs of interest.
  • Targeted Donations
    • In the Donations section of the membership form, we have identified areas of particular need within the Association. We have also created an “Annual Advancement Campaign” that identifies a new particular need each year to build and enhance the Association’s services, programs and support activities. If you would like to support one of these areas, please check the appropriate box. If you would like your donation to go to the general operations of the Association, please leave the boxes unchecked. 
    • Finally, if you would like to establish a Bursary or Endowment to be named in recognition of a particular person to annually support a piping and/or drumming cause, initiative or program, the membership form includes contact information for us to assist you with your generous gift.
    • The British Columbia Pipers’ Association is a registered Canadian charity and all donations greater than $20 will receive a Canadian charitable tax receipt.
  • Talents and Skills Survey of Members
    • For decades, BCPA and its members have greatly benefited from non-piping and drumming talents and skills volunteered by members.
    • This year we have again included a section on the membership form where you can identify talents and skills you have that you would like to contribute to the Association. Members may be intrigued to learn that the Association needs all these types of talents and skills to continue offering the diverse range of programs, services and support activities that we do!
    • We have also included a check box if you would like to assist with general activities at BCPA events.
    • Please consider volunteering your talents and skills for the advancement of piping and drumming throughout our Association.
  • Compliance with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law
    • BCPA must comply with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law that went into effective on July 1, 2014.
    • The Consent section on the membership form has been updated to notify you that BCPA will provide you with electronic communications pertinent to BCPA activities and that you have the option to unsubscribe from these communications.
    • However, unsubscribing is not recommended as the electronic communication means used by BCPA is the primary channel for communicating important Association information to you (e.g. annual and special general meetings, membership renewals, competition entries, etc)
  • BCPA Member Satisfaction Survey
    • BCPA Member Satisfaction Surveys is now done in September and October as a poll on the right side bar of the BCPA website.

NOTE: If you are an existing member, log in, then click “View Profile” to get an option to renew your membership for 2017-18. After October 1st, the renewal options will be presented automatically. Refer to the screenshots below for helpful steps to renew through October 1st, 2018 before the end of the season

If you prefer to apply for new membership or renew your membership using the hardcopy form, it is here:

BCPA Membership Registration Form 2017-18 (Word) Note: Open on a computer rather than iOS device

Rebate for Membership in a Local Piping Society BC Pipers’ Association encourages you to support the activities of your local piping society.  Within the BCPA’s competition sanctioning jurisdiction there are four such local piping societies acknowledged by the BCPA: Kelvern Celtic Society (BC Interior), Vancouver Island Pipers Club (Vancouver Island), Washington Pipers Association (Washington state), Oregon Pipers Society (Oregon state). Information on rebates is now available on the back of the membership form.

Pipe Band Registration and Roster
BCPA Pipe Band Roster Form 2017-18 (Word) – Note: Open on a computer rather than iOS device

Bands are required to use the BCPA Pipe Band Roster Form which must be signed by the appropriate band official. Submitted information not in this format will not be accepted.

Note that an additional BCPA-RSPBA Supplemental Roster form must be completed by BCPA region bands which will be competing in competitions in the United Kingdom. This form must be submitted to BCPA and RSPBA at least two months before the band’s first competition of the season in the UK and each time band personnel changes (the RSPBA’s new 42 day Add/Transfer rule applying for Higher Grade to Lower Grade player transfers and otherwise the 14 day Add/Transfer rule applying). The link to the form is at:

RSPBA-BCPA Supplemental Pipe Band Roster Form 2017 Season (Word) – Note: Open on a computer rather than iOS device

Per BCPA Pipe Band Competition Rules, band rosters must be submitted to BCPA by March 1 each year and are to only include playing members (see the Band Registration & Roster form for more details).If new players are added or existing players removed during the season, an updated roster must be provided using the above form along with a completed Release/Transfer/Add Member form below. Note that proof of a player’s release from a band outside the BCPA jurisdiction of BC, Washington, and Oregon is not required.

Transfers between bands within BCPA must use the Release/Transfer/Add Member form. Both the releasing and the gaining bands must provide updated rosters to BCPA.

Some BCPA sanctioned Highland Games have commented on what appears to be “padding” of rosters to obtain additional admission passes. If this happens, bands could be charged admission by the Games organizers for members on the roster who do not compete. BCPA sanctioned Highland Games are utilizing the rosters on file with BCPA as of their Highland Games’ entries closing date for issuance of admission passes.
Pipe Band Member Release/Transfer/Add Form

The Pipe Band Member Release/Transfer/Add form has been revised slightly for 2016/17 to clarify some information. The form reinforces that the releasing band is still required to submit the Release/Transfer/Add form and an updated Pipe Band Roster form to the BCPA Membership Chair.

BCPA Release Transfer Add Member Form (Word) – Note: Open on a computer rather than iOS device

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