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Results from BCPA contests.

Four Pipers From BCPA Sweep Nicol-Brown Contest

Top results from BCPA bands at the Worlds 2012

The top result of the day from the BCPA bands who worked so hard this year and took on the world was Robert Malcolm Memorial Grade 3A winning the World Championship. Congratulations to the band for the dedication, talent and success on the day. Robert Malcolm Memorial Grade 4 took on the challenge in the Novice Juvenile grade…

BCPA Knockout Semi-finals, Feb 12 2011

2011 KO Finalists; BCPA Professional Piping and Drumming finalists were decided Saturday, February 12. Those going through are pictured here. Full results of the semi-final round can be seen HERE. Scott Wood, Jori Chisholm, Kyle Wallis, Will Nichols and Grant Maxwell, Missing, Andrew Bonar.