Sheena Cook

Special Sale of Bagpipes in Glasgow

Edinburgh’s Festival of Ireland (EFI) is pleased to announce that it received a donation of Highland, Lowland and European bagpipes, pipe and practice chanters, bagpipe books, reeds and accessories . All these will at a special sale at McTears auctioneers Glasgow, on Thursday 15th August 2019. This is during the week of Piping Live and…

No changes for BCPA Mini-Gathering dates for 2019/20 season

In late May, BCPA surveyed players who competed in the 2018/19 Mini-Gatherings for their opinions on a possible change of date for the November Mini-Gathering from the 1st Saturday to the 4th Saturday. The key rationale was to provide an increased period to prepare new music for the competition season, from the current period of…

Reminder – Entry Deadline for Portland Highland Games is June 26

Reminder – Entry Deadline for Kamloops Highland Games is June 22

The deadline for entries for the Kamloops Highland Games is Saturday, June 2, 2019. The online entry can be found on the website at: General information about the Kamloops Highland Games can be found at: