Month: February 2011

Piobaireachd Club – February 25th 2011

PIOBAIREACHD CLUB Meeting Report February 25th 2011 A bitterly cold day in February, but there was a warm reception at the Hilder family household for a fine night of piobaireachd. Andrew Bonar was the first piper of the evening. Andrew played  “I Got a Kiss of the King’s Hand” which was the tune he played to win the silver…

BCPA Knockout Semi-finals, Feb 12 2011

2011 KO Finalists; BCPA Professional Piping and Drumming finalists were decided Saturday, February 12. Those going through are pictured here. Full results of the semi-final round can be seen HERE. Scott Wood, Jori Chisholm, Kyle Wallis, Will Nichols and Grant Maxwell, Missing, Andrew Bonar.