This page contains BCPA Membership related forms and links to online membership application/renewals/payments for the 2013/2014 season.

It also includes a link to a survey we would like members to complete to provide their assessment of BCPA programs and services provided during the 2012/13 season.
We hope you have enjoyed the programs and services the BCPA provides. We also hope that you will renew your membership to continue supporting the activities that have made the BCPA one of the most respected and progressive piping, drumming and pipe band associations in the world.

NOTE: If you are an existing member, log in, then click “View Profile” to get an option to renew your membership for 2013/2014. After October 1st, the renewal options will be presented automatically. Refer to the screenshots below for helpful steps to renew through October 1st, 2014 before the end of the season

Rebate for Membership in a Local Piping Society BC Pipers’ Association encourages you to support the activities of your local piping society.  Within the BCPA’s competition sanctioning jurisdiction there are four such local piping societies acknowledged by the BCPA: Kelvern Celtic Society (BC Interior), Vancouver Island Pipers Club (Vancouver Island), Washington Pipers Association (Washington state), Oregon Pipers Society (Oregon state). A rebate will be provided upon the submission of the requested information.

Instructions for using fillable PDF forms
1. Open and save form on your computer
2. Open form with Adobe Reader (free download
3. Complete form
4. Save – when you re-open the form it will include the data previously entered.
5. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download the form, print and fill in by hand

2013/2014 Mini Gathering and Knockout online registration

2013 – 2014 Membership Application and Renewal Form
BCPA Membership Form (PDF, Form Fillable and printable) 2013-14

2012 – 2013 Pipe Band Registration and Roster
 BCPA Pipe Band Registration Form 2013-14

Updated: reminders to all bands competing in BCPA sanctioned competitions:

If you send in your pipe band roster using another format, you must submit page 2 of the official Pipe Band Registration and Roster form signed by an authorized representative of the band.

Per BCPA Pipe Band Competition Rules, band rosters must be submitted to BCPA by March 1 each year and are to only include playing members (see the Band Registration & Roster form for more details).If new players are added or existing players removed during the season, an updated roster must be provided using the above form along with a completed Release/TransferAddition form(s) below. Note that proof of a player’s release from a band outside the BCPA jurisdiction of BC, Washington, and Oregon is not required.

Transfers between bands within BCPA must use the Release/TransferAddition form. Both the releasing and the gaining bands must provide updated rosters to BCPA.

Some Highland Games have commented on what appears to be “padding” of rosters to obtain additional admission tickets. If this happens, bands could be charged admission by the Games organizers for members on the roster who do not compete. Rosters provided to a Highland Games should be consistent with that provided to BCPA and reflect only the players actually competing at that Highland Games.

Band Member Release / Transfer / Addition Form