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By-Laws and Rules feedback requested

The members of the BCPA Constitution, By-laws and Rules committee are requesting responses from the membership in each of the areas; By-laws and Rules.  The BCPA Board is considering asking an outside person with By-law knowledge to help modernize and update all of the current by-laws, but in the meantime, we would like to hear…

Registration for Annual Gathering to be posted by noon on Saturday Feb 2nd

Due to a few changes to the registration forms, we would be unable to post the registration form before 5pm on Friday, which would negatively impact those travelling to the Mastery of Scottish Arts Concert in Seattle Friday evening, so we will post the registration forms as close to noon on Saturday morning as possible.

Auditions for the Ceremonial Guard of the Canadian Forces

Audition application deadline is November 2nd for the Ceremonial Guard of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserves. Employment available April through August, education reimbursment and other benefits. Call 1-877-858-3205 or visit the Canadian Forces website, audition information at that link. The Band of the Ceremonial Guard is part of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserves. It forms each…

Mandatory solo promotions for the 2012/2013 season